December 7, 2022


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Importance of Physiotherapy in women health

Physiotherapy in women health is a challenging part of our society.I have seen in my practice of 12years,that the ratio in a physiotherapy clinic is always higher in women side.
Women are most commonly suffers due to knee pain,back pain,frozen shoulder and cervical pain or neck pain.Mostly these problems are seen in late 30’s or 40’s.Body’s aging process contributes to these pain along with a very busy life but no proper exercising and most importantly lack of REST.
Menopause is a very crucial phase in women’s life which needs equal attention like puberty where different hormonal changes occurs with lots of other compromises in the body.As a result of hormonal changes the joints are more prone for depletion of calcium, osteoporosis,pain and deformity.
To deal with these problems a good diet is necessary rich in vit D because vit D is necessary for absorption of calcium in the body.Plenty of fluid and proper posture should be maintained.
Exercise in a regular basis also helps in maintaining integrity of Bones and also gives the body proper oxygenation for a better muscular health.
Lastly but most importantly a advice for women is a proper rest.
Have a good health.