January 30, 2023


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Physiotherapy and diabetes

Diabetes is presently a worldwide condition which is affecting almost all age group.Diabetes can be of two types.
Type 1 diabetes where body destroys insulin producing cells.So body doesn’t produce insulin.
Type 2 diabetes where body doesn’t use insulin in the right way and can become insulin resistant.This type of diabetes is most common.
Risk factors-
-High BP
-Family traits
-Large waist men>37 inches and female>31.5 inches.
Random blood sugar test(RBS)
Blood sugar<140mg/dl= normal
Blood sugar between 140-199mg/dl= prediabetes
Blood sugar200mg/dl> Diabetes
Fasting blood sugar test-
Blood sugar<100mg/dl= normal
Blood sugar between 100-125 mg/dl= prediabetes
Blood sugar 126mg/dl> Diabetes
Physiotherapy has great role in the management of diabetes as exercise allows glucose to be taken from the blood into skeletal muscle without the need for insulin which is also known as Non insulin mediated glucose uptake.Thus decreases the dependence on insulin.These effects can last up to 72 hours post exercise.