January 30, 2023


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Physiotherapy exercises for controlling diabetes

Physiotherapy has great role in controlling diabetes.Advisable physiotherapy protocol for managing diabetes are as follows-
-Aerobic exercise like walking,swimming,jogging etc for 3-5 days/week for 150 mins/week.
-Resistance training for all major muscle group for 2-3 days/week.Resistace training can cause increase in strength,endurance,enhances flexibility,improve body composition,decrease risk for cardiovascular diseases,improves insulin sensitivity.
-For patients with peripheral neuropathy non weight bearing exercises should be done.
-For diabetic patients glucose levels should be checked before exercise, immediately after exercise,after 30 mins of exercise and 4 hours after exercise.
-If blood sugar level is <70 mg/dl before ex,give the patient 15 gms of carbohydrate snack,recheck in  15 mins and if above 70 mg/dl then continue with exercise.
-If blood sugar level is between 70-150 mg/dl then 15 gms of snack every hour.
-If blood sugar level is between 150- 300 mg/dl it’s safe to exercise.
-If blood sugar level is >300 mg/dl -first give oral medication,check after 15 mins,if blood sugar drops then continue with exercises.If the patient is in insulin,check for ketones.If present immediately stop exercising.
Have a good health.