Role Of Physiotherapy in Sport

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·        * Sports Physiotherapy is now a days a leading field as most of the sports injuries are severe and needs long term rehabilitation.

·         *Most common sports injuries are ACL tear,Meniscal rupture,ankle injuries and sprains,tennis elbow,Rotator cuff injury in shoulder,supraspinatus tendinitis etc.

·        * Most of the injuries needs the protocol called RICE-Rest Ice Compression Elevation.icing is mandatory for first 48 hours of injury with rest to decrease the initial phase of inflammation.

·         *Conservative treatment includes medications for pain and inflammation,Physiotherapy treatment like electrical modalities to relieve pain and swelling,gradual exercises(with protocol under supervision) progressing from light to heavy exercises.

·        * If surgery is needed then also pre and post operative treatment has to be pursued.

·         *Main aim of rehabilitation is to send the player to the field with a less time of home stay.


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